The Pretender Motivational Posters

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with a The Pretender theme. Which are your favourites?


tp-mp_identity.jpg by Mira

by Mira
This image has received 22 vote(s)

tp-mp_pretenders.jpg by Mira

by Mira
This image has received 3 vote(s)

tp-mp_perspective.jpg by Mira

by Mira
This image has received 10 vote(s)

tp-mp_family.jpg by Mira

by Mira
This image has received 23 vote(s)

tp-mp_outlook.jpg by Mira

by Mira
This image has received 8 vote(s)

motivator_ts1.jpg by Miss Parker

by Miss Parker
This image has received 18 vote(s)
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When making an own poster, actual size of image added (via the generator linked on top) seems to be around 598x397 pixels, so keep that in mind, should your first attempt with adding an image make the image look strange or distorted in any way. As smaller images seem to be upscaled to fit the photo area.

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